DMCA Take-Down Requests

MyMoneyRoadmap takes copyright seriously. If someone has violated your copyrighted material, we pledge to promptly remove the violation from this platform.

You should be aware, however, that submitting a falsified takedown is a violation of U.S. federal law and may be punishable in court by hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees and legal costs. (DMCA 512(f) - n.b. OPG v. Diebold.) Do not submit an email unless you are the owner (or authorized agent) of a copyrighted work that you are sure is being illegally infringed.

The following information is required for a DMCA takedown request:
What person or company is the legal owner of the content in question?
What is your full legal name?
What is your job title / relation to the owner?
What is your phone number?
What is the best email address we can use to contact you?
What is your full mailing address?
What is the location on of the infringing content?
What is the work that this URL is infringing? Do you have a link to the content on your site?
You declare under penalty of perjury:
• I am the owner or authorized agent thereof of the content being infringed.

• I have a good faith belief that the use on the URL provided is not authorized by the owner or the law.
• This Takedown Request is fully accurate.
Please provide your full name here as a legal, binding signature.